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Back Massage


All types of services are given the same goal: to encourage recovery of muscles and stress reduction. This is achieved by incorporating all our knowledge, techniques and tools to customize each session to your needs.

We are located in Wethersfield, within the Wethersfield Wellness Group.  For directions, please click on the Contact Us.

For last minute openings, make sure to follow our social media accounts as we will post any available appointments there.

Dalia R. Broderick, LMT - Wethersfield, CT

We take the time to understand each clients needs and goals for each session and will customize their massage to fit those specific goals.  

Our Services

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Booking Monday through Friday by appointment only. Book your time now!

Remember, any cancelled pre-paid appointment is not refundable, you will be provided an account credit if you have the need to cancel.


If you have been sick or are not feeling well, PLEASE reschedule your appointment through your account or by calling/texting.

As we have said before, our goal is to be able to provide your session in an environment that both client and therapist feel safe. We do understand how much bodywork is needed, but we also want to ensure we all stay healthy.

See our cancellation policy.

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